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The Importance of Human Interaction

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The Importance of Human Interaction

Today at the gym, I had an inspiring experience that underscored the value of human interaction. I've been trying to master muscle-ups for a few years now. I can do a few, but only with a big kick. While I was struggling with my kicking muscle-ups, a calisthenics expert next to me was effortlessly doing them with a weight hanging off him. He noticed my struggle, pulled out his headphones, and said, "Your swing is making it harder for you. Try pulling yourself straight up and pushing over the bar instead."

I paid attention because this guy had perfect form. Intrigued, I asked him to tell me more. He explained that instead of swinging my legs, I should focus on a straight pull-up and push-over motion for a proper muscle-up. I followed his advice, and to my astonishment, I went straight over the bar and did a perfect muscle-up. It was a revelation—one small tweak, one tip from someone who could actually see my form in person, made all the difference.

I realized that despite all the YouTube and Instagram videos I'd watched trying to figure out muscle-ups, none of them could provide the personalized feedback I got from this brief interaction. This experience taught me a lot about the importance of having a mentor or at least someone who can observe you directly, whether in person or over a Zoom call. Having someone listen to your music firsthand, review your business plan, or watch your physical movements can provide the specific guidance you've been searching for.

I walked out of the gym feeling proud after doing five muscle-ups in a row, and I'm excited to share this broader life lesson with you. I hope this inspires you to seek out human interaction to take your craft—whatever it may be—to the next level.

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