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Thinking of becoming a Songwriter, Artist, Musician, Producer or DJ?

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Are you thinking of becoming a Songwriter, Artist, Musician, Producer or DJ?

If you are curious and just want some more information or if you think you got what it takes, keep reading to the end, answer these questions and take the next step forward! 

Checklist for artists


Write/Produce: Write/produce your songs, record demos or complete songs. Add them to a folder on your computer. Back up on the cloud.


By international law, you actually own the copyright to your song (or book, artwork, or other artistic creation) as soon as you create it. Your copyright is free and is automatic. The song must be “fixed” in some way, in a written down copy or a recording.

How to copyright your music in 5 steps

Make a physical copy. First thing's first, write down or make a recording of your music. ...

Create timely evidence for your case. Copyright is a time-related issue. ...

File the right forms (USCO) ...

Divvy up the splits. ...

Start earning money from copyright royalties, when released. 

Copyright Law 


Create a Dropbox or Drive folder: Add your songs that you want to share.

Create your tribe:

Would you like to be in a band? Are you the star? Do you need a collaborator?  Do you need a producer or songwriter?  Would you like to sell your songs to artists? 

Find your tribe. Search FB groups that have similar key words that describe who you are. Reach out locally. Meet people face to face or create online relationships. Create together or have people record on your songs. Are you the driver or the passenger? Both? Neither?

Creative process of musicianship / artistry / creating a brand.

Understanding your fanbase

What: Difference between ‘song writers’ and ‘artists’

What do you want to do? What instrument; sing, guitar, drums, piano, violin? Do you just write melodies or full songs? Do you have them in your head or written on paper? Do you have them recorded? Just phone recordings or full DAW productions?  Do see yourself as a song writer for other artists or do you see yourself as an artist. There’s a difference between song writers and artists.  Song writers write songs, then possibly sell them to artists to sing. Song writers can stay in the background and not become artists. Artists are in the limelight, play concerts, make videos. Producers can be in the background, producing for artists or be artists themselves; play concerts, limelight. What do you envision yourself being?

Why: Why do you want to be an artist, song writer, musician, producer? How will it serve you? How will you serve others? How bad do you want to be this? What is your Dream? Does this feel like a hobby or do you want to be professional?  Do you want to make money at this or just have fun?

How: What is your creative talent? How often do you practice your art? Can you do this yourself? Do you see yourself working with others? If so, who? If you had a million dollars, how would it help you with your endeavors? How much time do you see yourself contributing to your goals?

When: When do you want to start? Have you already started? Do you have a timeline, what are your goals this year? What’s your 1 year plan? 5 year, 10 year? What do you see yourself doing when you are 30, 40, 50, 65+? 

Who: Is this you? Do you envision yourself on stage or in the studio?  Or do you envision someone else? Who do you look up to? Who are your influences and favorite artists for who you see yourself being like?  Are you original and unique or do you sound like other artists? If so, who? What is your biggest dream for yourself?

Golden Pie for any industry - millionaire mind set / systems

25% Talent / product

25% Consistency / relentless

25% Industry Contacts

25% Investment money / resources

1 - Your product: You must be excellent at your art. You don’t need to be the best, but you better be really really good at creating and delivering a product on time.

2 - Industry Contacts: You need people and people need you. You must be a person who can engage and communicate with other humans. Emotional intelligence is critical in these times.

3 - Investment money & resources: If you can create masterpieces on a dime then you have a huge upper hand. There is so many resources to tap into these days and a buck can go a long ways if done correctly.

4 - Relentlessness and Consistency: The piece that brings this all together;  Out of all of these critical pieces, this truly is the ‘make or break’ of all the artists and business people I’ve witnessed over the years.

I believe you can’t have one without the other but you can always continue to grow and reach heights you never thought were possible. 

If you believe you got what it takes to be a break-out artist in this industry today, then you are who we want to help achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. 

Book a free consultation session with our team today! 


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