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Ancient of Days - Siamese (KJ Sawka Band 2003)

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"Word spread quickly. Seattle resident superstars were checking him out. Michael Shrieve, drummer for Santana for many years and lover of drum'n'bass, took him under his wing and showed him off to anybody and everybody: Andy Summers of the Police, Bill Frisell, Amon Tobin, Jack Dejohnette, Will Calhoun, and many more. Kevin at this time was playing an amazing next-generation drumkit: a custom half-acoustic, half electronic drum kit with one diabolically huge kick drum, one insanely tiny kick drum, three snares, a multitude of trashy sounding cymbals & saw blades, a few electronic drum pads and all the acoustic drums set to electronic triggers. His band at the time -still ahead of its time- was the all-improvisatory avant-garde drum'n'bass trio Siamese. They toured the country multiple times in '02 and '03, bringing down the house in San Francisco at late-night afterparties and raves; in New Orleans during Jazzfest; opening for LTJ Bukem and MC Conrad in Portland; and, put simply, slaying nay-sayers and dropping the jaws of industry, musicians and fans nationally by performing astonishingly long sets of uptempo jungle and d'n'b without set breaks -without even breaks between songs. Again, seeing is believing."


Band Members: 

KJ Sawka - Electronic/Accoustic Drums & Saw Blades
David Zimmerman 'Dave Z' - Guitar and Keyboard
Jeremy Lightfoot - Bass Guitar & Samples

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