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The Basement Recordings Vol. 1 Sample Pack

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This is for the producer searching for live drum sounds and live drum beats and fills to fit all styles of dance music to pop, rock, metal, dnb, and breakbeats. This collection of drums were recorded in KJ Sawka’s basement drum rooms. His acoustically treated basement studio and mixing room in Seattle, Wa and currently his well treated, acoustically sound basement and mixing room in Los Angeles, CA. Amazingly tight sounds with wicked resampling and re-amping. Mostly dnb, jungle, hip-hop and distorted hype style beats in Volume 1. Many of the beats are ‘Wet and Dry’. The ‘Wet’ beats are smashed and compressed, ready to go for any production. The ‘Dry’ are lightly brushed with compression, giving each producer the freedom to tweak as they like. Unique to this volume is the SL Box beats and heavy emphasis on 170 bpm dnb and 85 bpm hip-hop styles. 250MBs of Live Drum Loops n Samples

This Sample Pack contains:
-189 Loops
-111 Individual drum hits
-81 170 bpm loops
-44 Various bpm BoxBeats
-27 Halftime and hiphop beats
-24 Fills n beat fills
-13 Effected beats

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