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FEAR THE ROCK - KJ Sawka & Sullivan King Sample Pack

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KJ Sawka and Sullivan King unleash their first collaboration loop and sample pack that’s oozing with heavy rock drums and guitar savagery. The pack was recorded in the legendary 17 Hertz studios in Los Angeles California in their 10,000 sq ft studio A drum room. This sample pack is jammed with almost 900megs of pure Rock, Metal, Dub and Twisted Hybrid styles that create the perfect fuse between dubstep/riddim and screaming rock/metal. They cover bpms of 90, 100, 128, 140, 150, 160 and 174, with a wide range of styles from Rock, Hip-hop, Breakbeats, Drum n Bass, Metal, effected beats, percussion loops, marches, and buildups. With over 500+ samples of one-shot drum and percussion hits and guitar screams and slides, if you are a producer looking for big drum sounds and intense drum loops, heavy guitar riffs, buildups into your heavy drops or heavy melodic and rhythmic ideas to get your track started or finished, this is the sample pack for you.

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