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Ammunition Vol. 2 - By Architekt

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Architekt dug deep creating another unique preset and sample pack utilizing Serum, Ableton's Operator as well as the melding and molding of other recorded sounds. For the ultimate user experience, use the Serum Preset Pack & Wavetable bundle. This pack contains 88.6 megs of killer content including 32 Drum Samples, 27 Bass Samples, 21 FX Samples, 10 Wave Tables, and 25 Serum FXP Patches.

“With a massive surge in the amount of bass music- specifically dubstep- producers in the past few years, it is getting more and more difficult to find artists doing their own, original thing. For Michael Pipitone (Architekt), that’s never been a problem, though. The Philadelphia producer has one of the most eclectic sound design libraries, melding gut-wrenching bass against unsettling razor screeches. His newest release, “War Head” comes to us on KJ Sawka‘s (Pendulum, Destroid) new label, Impossible Records, making him the very first artist to be signed to the still blossoming label. The single includes an original mix, featuring Plague the Pit Master, as well as a re-imagining of track in the form of a spastic, drumstep VIP mix.”
-Kyle Taylor (Funkadelphia)

Royalty-free, Dubstep, Architekt, Loops, Samples, Presets

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