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SPD-SX Pro Expansion Pack Vol. 1

$97.00 $645.00
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A KJ Sawka Exclusive Expansion Pack, unparalleled in the market. A truly unique tool you won't find elsewhere!

Watch the video and listen to samples below to
experience the intricate sounds this pack produces!

SPDsxPro Expansion Pack Vol. 1 Includes : 

  • The full Twisted Sample Pack a $40 Value
  • 24 loops, 81 one-shots from the 80x80 Sample Pack  a $25 Value
  • 10 loops & 21 one-shots from Fear the Rock pack a $40 Value
  • 18 loops, 51 one-shots from Your Brain On Drums $40 Value
  • 32 Premium Music Loops a $100 Value
  • 52 Programmed Song Kits a $150 Value
  • 140 Custom Percussion Loops a $150 Value
  • Bonus: 3 one-shot kits, incl. 2 Amen Break kits a $50 Value
  • Bonus: Trigger setup & Tips n Tricks Videos a $50 Value
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee 


Split the payment only 4 payments of $24.25 at check-out

The plug-and-play capabilities of your pack are unlike anything I have ever experienced. Creating electronic music on the spot has never been more fun
-Scotty Zwang - Pro touring drummer

Just downloaded and installed this pack. Wow, so much fun stuff to play through! My favorites so far are the Dnb/Break/Amen kits, instant grinning, and fun times! A bunch of the kits already have me thinking of song ideas. Feeling genuinely inspired to dive deeper into the SPDSX Pro programming too after finding some good little gold nuggets in this pack. Just the kickstarter to really get me motivated. Thanks, KJ! :D - benjiwill

I dig the clarity and smoothness of the beats a lot!!! - Kenneth Lee Moore

All of the loops and samples are easy to work with and have always been invaluable in my production process. Your drums have done wonders for me in some of my previous tracks and I'll continue to use them as much as I can when I need that natural energy to bring a track to life! - Esirza the One

“KJ Sawka is THE source for DJ Drummers, and with this program, you get tools direct from the source…and it will exceed your every expectation” - Kevin Hill

There is so much inspiration and love flowing into the productions. I used them on the stage and in the studio and they never disappoint" - Om Shira

I've always loved Jungle and Breakbeats as I grew up being a fan of Pendulum and The Prodigy, and to be able to use similar breaks from Pendulum's actual drummer is an excellent way to help develop my sound while being influenced by the original artists. As I do not have the discipline to become a drummer, this is the next best thing! - James Purcell

Tired of stock module sounds and want to add some fresh sounds and kits to your Roland SPDsx Sampling Pad?

Look no further, I've created just that!

All Patch Banks have two unique kicks and snares for playing just on the pad or expanding with Kick, Snare, and Hat external pads. 

One-of-a-kind kit pack made for playing EDM, Drum and Bass, Breakbeats, Trap, Jungle, Dubstep, House, Techno, Rock, Chill, Downtempo, LoFi, and a variety of South American and African-style percussion parts.

Dozens of Bass loops, Synth loops, Vocal loops, Percussion loops, and Sequencer parts that can play at the tempo you desire. Tweaked and modified one-shots and loops from award-winning exclusive KJ Sawka Loop and Sample packs.

Have you been searching for sick sounds to play on your Roland SPDsxPro?

Imagine, yourself on stage playing the sickest sounds & crushing the dance floor with YOUR beats! Play the simplest beat or make it as complex as you want. With this SPDSX pack sounds YOU WILL rock the sound system and impress the crowd!

Why aren't there dope Drum and Bass sounds and sick studio-recorded sounds to play at my gigs?

Well, now there is. I’ve had literally 100s of drummers ask for these types of sounds and it led me to finally make this Expansion pack for you all.  It’s finally here and yours to jam with! You can plug in and instantly play the sickest drumkits, you’ve been dreaming of.

Welcome to the KJ Sawka SPDsxPro Expansion Kit Pack Vol. 1!


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