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Your Brain On Drums Sample & Preset Pack

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Have you been trying to produce killer-sounding tunes quickly but you keep coming up short or just want to find a reliable way to do that in a reasonable time frame, or are you a music producer who is looking to increase your sample library with the highest quality drums in the industry that you can't get anywhere else?  If so then Your Brain On Drums is the answer you’ve been searching for. KJ Sawka collaborated with DAW Nation to bring you his biggest sample pack to date. This hand-crafted massive sample pack is stuffed with over 451 One shots, 262 Loops, 11 Ableton Drum Racks, 10 - Ableton Effect Racks, 58 Serum Drum, and Rhythm & Sound Presets. KJ even made a full song from the samples including a song walkthrough to show you how to produce like a pro and as an added bonus I’m giving you the Ableton project file as well!

What's Inside This Sample & Preset Pack:

Drum n Bass, Rock, Dubstep, Drum-step, Jungle, House, Electro, Glitch, Acid Jazz Loops, and more!

Serum Presets
Ableton Drum Racks & Effect Racks

262 Drum Loops & Sounds:
94 Top-kit, Snare and Hihat loops
41 Dnb & Jungle loops
55 Fills & Builds loops
18 Bass & Noises loops
28 Breakbeats & Half-time loops
14 Tom Groove loops
12 Effected Beat loops

451 One shots
66 Kicks
65 Snares
51 Hi-Hats
87 Toms
46 Percussion
7 Claps
15 Snaps
11 Crashes
37 Rides
11 Bass n noises  
20 Hits & Down-lifters
18 Risers
17 Jazz jungle kit

1 - Ableton Session with all 11 Drum Racks
11 - Ableton Individual Drum Racks
10 - Ableton Effect Racks
58 Serum Drum, Rhythm & Sound Presets

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