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Impossible Records 2015 MixTape Mixed By KJ Sawka

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It was most definitely been a successful first year for KJ Sawka's new records label Impossible Records and the crew couldn’t be more thrilled. Killing it on the Beatport charts they achieved four #1 hits, landed in the ‘Top 10’ for every single release within each release respected genre, and to top it all off we hit the overall ‘Top 100 Releases’ many times and even stayed at #12 for a week straight. In celebration, KJ Sawka summarized it all in one wicked mix-tape featuring all the music Impossible Records launched in 2015 and it’s sure to keep those speakers bumping. 

A 1000 thank-you’s to family, friends, fans, and all the hard work put in by our entire team, without you none of this would be possible.


1. Kj Sawka & ill.GATES Unsung Heroes VIP 

2. Kj Sawka - Wild Fire Original mix

3. Kj Sawka & ill.GATES Unsung Heroes Architekt Remix 

4. Kj Sawka - Wild Fire Original mix

5. The Crying Spell Sailing On KJ SAWKA REMIX 

6. Stratus - Big Blood 

7. KJ Sawka - Wild Fire - Aylen Remix

8. KJ Sawka & Miss Krystle - Right Movement (VIP)

9. Architekt - WarHead Master VIP 

10. Stratus - Hit It 

11. KJ SAWKA & ill.GATES Unsung Heroes Sugar Beats Remix Feat. Calysta Cheyenne 

12. Stratus My Energy Feat. LaMeduza

13. Architekt - WarHead

14. Miss Krystle Take Me Home KJ SAWKA REMIX

15. KJ Sawka Miss Krystle - Right Movement - Original Mix

Average Rating: 8/10

Temple EDM:  10/10 <333
Zeds Dead:  7/10
Blake Lewis:  9/10 Sounding Killer man! F’YES!!! -Bshorty
Architekt:  10/10 - BRAVO!
Ajapai:  9/10 - Sick

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