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Unsung Heroes by KJ Sawka & ill.Gates

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Following their debuted 2015 Unsung Heroes Tour, KJ Sawka and ill.Gates release their first collaboration and EP, "Unsung Heroes", that takes you on a galactic journey far beyond the reaches of space, saving the universe one dance floor at a time, they are the ‘Unsung Heroes’! Swooping in is “ableton mastermind” ill.GATES and “the human drum machine” KJ Sawka. They have come together for a project like no other to bend your mind and shake your core, making you feel like it’s never enough, leaving you hungry for more. The ‘Unsung Heroes’ EP is set free filling your ears with dirty basslines and high tempo breaks sending you on a dynamic musical roller coaster. This EP comes with a DnB dance floor VIP and two remixes. Architekt’s remix crushes you with his signature bass assault and sneaking in is an unexpected original remix by the Sugarbeats featuring vocals by Calysta Cheyenne.


  1. Unsung Heroes (original)
  2. Unsung Heroes - Architekt Remix
  3. Unsung Herores - SugarBeats Remix Feat. Calysta Cheyenne
  4. Unsung Heroes VIP MIX

Average Rating: 8/10
Most Popular Track: Unsung Heroes (Original Mix)

Bare Noize:  9/10 - Dope
Zeds Dead:  8/10
Far Too Loud:  9/10 - Sick stuff, Architekt comes with some heavy drops!
Ajapai:  8/10 - Dope!
Gigantor:  7/10
SugarBeats:  10/10 - Every bit of the original and all the edits/remixes are ON POINT!
Anoxic:  8/10 - Really sick original remixes. dat riff
Ajaax:  9/10 - Sick
The Untz: 10/10  True to their varied.
Vaski:  10/10 - Achitekt remix is sick
MWTM:  10/10 - YES!!!!! This is what I'm talking about! Love it now THIS is a fantastic KJ Sawka release!!!! Love it it fantastic work by the remixers as well Sugar Beats went above and beyond and it came out incredible! Alongside a monstrous remix from Architekt. Great release guys!
Stratus:  10/10 - Killed it guys!

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