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Conspirator - Unleashed

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Unleashed was Produced by Chris Michetti and KJ Sawka

Conspirator is Marc Brownstein and Aron Magner (Disco Biscuits) along with KJ Sawka on drums, and Chris Michetti (RAQ) slaying guitar.


"It started as a way for Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein to push the boundaries of their electronic music.

The keyboardist and bassist of the Disco Biscuits have a new project, Conspirator. After a successful summer playing festivals and the release of their EP “Unleashed,” Conspirator is on the road, bringing its hard-hitting electronic dance to The Crystal Bay Casino Crown Room on Saturday, March 16.

Not to be considered a side-project by any means, Magner and Brownstein started by bringing in a revolving lineup of musicians and cultivated a sound that traverses genres. However, with the addition of the multifaceted guitar player Chris Michetti of psychedelic progressive rock group RAQ, Conspirator really started to find its groove.

The trio was joined by KJ Sawka, a drummer who has made a stir playing some of the most complex drum ‘n’ bass and jungle beats without the use of looping or extended samples. They knew this combination created the sound they had been searching for.

“Last summer was indicative of Conspirator beginning to stand on our own two feet,” Magner said. “Prior to that, we’ve had different drummers join us, all of the sudden we knew KJ Sawka is our drummer. We started putting in a bunch of new material that was sounding the way we always thought Conspirator should sound.” - Jenn Sheridan Sierra Sun 2013

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